Creating a recycling
scheme to keep
Queensland beautiful

In recent years, Queensland has had one of the lowest recycling rates in Australia at around 44%. Each year, around 3 billion drink containers are generated in Queensland alone and are the second most littered item.

As a state, we knew we could do better.

That’s why, in 2018 the Queensland Government introduced Containers for Change – a container refund scheme to help reduce beverage container litter across the state.

In September 2017 the legislation enabling the scheme the Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Act 2017 was passed with bi-partisan support.

The aim for COEX is to increase
beverage container recycling
recovery rates to 79% by 2021 &
85% by 2022.
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Cleaning up our state since 1 November 2018, Containers for Change aims to increase recycling rates and reduce litter by allowing Queenslanders to exchange eligible drink containers for a 10 cent refund.

COEX is the Product Responsibility Organisation behind Containers for Change, implementing logistics and ensuring the scheme fulfils its responsibilities.

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